General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

General Terms and Conditions

When you book a packaged tour (“the Tour”) with GmbH (“”), you (“the Participant”) agree to the terms and conditions as stated below.

1. Booking and Payment of Tour

a. The minimum age of the Participant travelling alone is 21 on the date of arrival otherwise the Participant must be with his/her parents or guardian.
b. A contract between the Participant and is concluded when has received the completed and signed booking form (by e-mail or post) and has confirmed the participation.
c. Once the participation has been confirmed, an advance payment of CHF1’000 per person must be made. The entire fee must be made at the latest 6 weeks before the Tour starts. In case of a booking later than 6 weeks before the Tour starts, the entire fee is due immediately.
d. reserves the right to cancel the contract if the fee has not been transferred in time and/or the total amount has not arrived in the bank account. will charge a handling and cancellation fee (see paragraph 3b and 3c).
e. The Participant will receive the detailed documentation latest 10 days before the Tour starts.
f. Our s are designed for people who can stroll for a few hours and climb up and down the stairs. Any disabled Participant requiring special attention must be reported to at the time of booking or reservation.
g. The fee must be paid in Swiss Francs (CHF).

2. Cancellation and Cancellation Fees

a. Written notification is obligatory in case of cancellation on the part of the Participant.
b. In any case of a cancellation, the Participant must pay a handling fee of CHF100.— per person.
c. In addition to the handling fee, the following cancellation fees will be charged:
Cancellation Periods Cancellation Fees
60-46 days: 30% of price
45-21 days: 50% of price
20-8 days: 80% of price
7-0 days or No Show: 100% of price
d. The Participant can transfer the Tour to another person under certain conditions. The conditions vary depending on the . This must be announced to in writing. The new Participant must in addition, complete and sign the registration form. The former and new Participant are together liable for the payment of the total Tour price including the handling fee.
e. The Participants are advised to take out a travel insurance for cases of cancellation.

4. Cancellation of a Booking by

a. The minimum number of Participants is 6. In case there are not enough bookings, the paid amount will be reimbursed in full. Further claims from the Participant are ruled out.
b. is authorized to cancel the due to “Acts of God”, regulatory sanctions or other non-predictable or unavoidable incidences which complicate and endanger the Tour.. In such a case, will offer the best possible alternatives and the paid amount will be reimbursed in full. Further claims of the Participant are ruled out.

5. Itinerary Modification is authorized to modify the itinerary, the order of the succession of the itinerary and the activities, namely before the booking, after conclusion of the contract as well as during the Tour in case of “Acts of God”, regulatory sanctions or other non-predictable or unavoidable incidences which complicate and endanger the Tour.

6. Cancellation by the Participant During the Tour/Reclamation

a. If the Participant cancels the Tour during the Tour, the price will not be reimbursed. Possible costs for return transport, lodging, and etc.are the Participants’ responsibility. recommends taking out travel cost insurance for return transport.
b. In case the Participant is not satisfied with the program or with individual activities/services or suffers damages, he/she must inform the guide immediately and request changes. Possible claims for damage etc must be addressed to in writing within one month after the contractual end of the Tour. If the fault or damage etc has not been announced during the Tour or within the one month’s notice period after contractual end of the Tour, all rights to a claim expire.

7. Tour Price

a. Tour price includes airfare, accommodation, airport transfers in the destination country, breakfasts, some lunches and some dinners as stated in the brochure, flyer, itinerary.
b. Tour price excludes visa fees, travel insurance, customs user fees, service fees as specified by the airline and airport authorities, excess baggage charges, beverages, room services, laundry, private travel costs in the destination country, transportation to the airport in Switzerland, gratuities to drivers and guides, and tips to hotel porters, and personal expenses.

8. Liability of

a. is liable within the limits of these Terms & Conditions and the legal regulations. If an international treaty or a national law applies to the services of which restricts or excludes the liability, is only liable within this treaty or national law.
b. is not liable if the cause of non-performance, the improper fulfillment of the contract or the damage can be traced back to the following reasons:
– fault of the Participant before or during the Tour eg. not paying attention to the Tour guide’s instructions, etc.
– non-predictable or unavoidable incidences caused by third parties who do not participate in the contractually agreed services
– “Acts of God” or an incident which was not predictable or unavoidable despite all due care and attention by
In these cases, all claims, etc. are ruled out.
c. The liability of all damages, etc. not to persons are limited to double the price, except damage caused deliberately or carelessly. International treaties and national laws which contain a larger extent of limitations and exclusions of liability take priority in this case.
d. Each Participant is personally responsible for valuables including passports, photo and video cameras, mobiles, cash, credit cards, etc. Those items are never to be left unattended at any time or place. is not liable for the loss, damage or abusive use, etc. of these items. recommends taking out theft and pilferage insurance.
e. The Participant accepts that the journey times to and from the airport in Switzerland are not part of the contract. It is possible that due to high traffic volume, weather conditions etc the travel times may not be adhered to and that delays may occur. Please take this fact into consideration when planning your personal travel itinerary.
f. When the Participant takes a decision not to do an activity like city s, going out for dinner, etc., is not liable for any act of the Participant during his/her absence.

9. Passport & Visas and Times of Appearance

a. It is the Participant’s responsibility to get in contact with the appropriate consulate and to get the necessary information about the latest entry regulations to Switzerland. It is his/her duty to have the necessary travel documents on hand in time (valid identity card and/or passport and visa if required).
b. The Participant must ensure that his/her passport has a validity of six (6) months beyond the conclusion of his/her trip.
c. It is the Participant’s responsibility to be at the departure and meeting point early enough, especially during the Tour, and to be punctual.

10. Smoking

Smoking is prohibited at most places during the .

11. Public Holiday

Certain places of interest such as castles, shopping areas, restaurants, sightseeing s may not be available during local or national holidays. Alternatives will be offered whenever possible.

12. Unacceptable Behaviour reserves the right to accept or reject any person as a Participant, and to remove any Participant whose conduct is deemed incompatible with the interests of the other Participants, for the benefit of everyone on the Tour.

13. Participants with Special Assistance Needs

Reasonable attempts will be made to accommodate the special needs of disabled Participants but is not responsible in the event it is unable to do so, nor is it responsible for any denial of services by third parties like hotels, restaurants, etc. A qualified and physically-abled person MUST accompany Participants who need such assistance.

14. Unused Services

No refund will be made with respect to accommodation, meals, sightseeing s or any other services included in the Tour price but not utilized by the Participant, either in part or full, or where the passenger amends, cancels or otherwise varies arrangements after the commencement of the Tour.

15. General

a. The Tours are run officially in English. staff members will assist in other languages whenever possible.
b. The Participant agrees that and/or a representative may take photos or record a video during the Tour. The Participant permits to use this media for marketing purposes, unlimited and free of charge.

16. Governing Law

Laws of Switzerland

17. Jurisdiction

Courts in Switzerland


Last Modified: 10 August 2018