Welcome to Your First Step to Hidden Japan

We are a Swiss company with Japanese staff members who live in Switzerland. We will show you “our Japan.”

Let yourself explore the hidden Japan!

We offer exotic trips all over Japan with a good price for the value.

Our tours are always small, maximum 10 participants*, with 2 Japanese attendants who live in Switzerland.

We will greet you at either the Zurich or Geneva airport and accompany you throughout the trip, you do not need to worry about booking flights nor hotels.

You just bring a suitcase and some cash to buy some souvenir, and come with us!

Our staff members speak English, German and/or French (the official guides in Japan speak English), so don’t worry about not understanding Japanese or having never visited Japan before.

In addition to typical popular touristic spots, we will take you to unique spots and events which are not usually included in tours for tourists from abroad.

Also, our plan is filled with chances to experience the Japanese culture. Not only do you SEE the sights, but you actually DO something by yourself!

We also make sure that you will eat something you have never even seen : )

Bring an open mind and let us show you “our Japan”!

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